Thursday, August 8, 2019

Seyfert P2P 올인원!!

 Seyfert P2P

페이게이트 공식 Seyfert P2P 통합패키지 !!

P2P 펀딩 사업을 위한 페이지 오픈이 어려우셨나요?
페이게이트에서 직접 홈페이지 사업준비와 홈페이지 제작을 도와드립니다.

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PayGate held the conferences for new P2P platform operators.

PayGate held "2nd form new P2P platform oprerators"

Accounced platform operation including platform structure, law and tax.

The second forum for new P2P platform operators is owned great success by PayGate

PayGate will hold a third forum for P2P platform this month and continue hosting a lot of meetings for new operators.

PayGate, Fintech company in Korea, announced on August 2nd that it held a 2nd forum for new P2P platform operators on July 25th.

Mr. Jaewoo Kim, director of P2P Strategy, introduced the overall view of the platform, including details on the platform's structure, laws and taxes and investor and borrower management systems in the forum for new P2P operators.

PayGate's Seyfert service is currently used by 80% of domestic P2P companies

Mr. Kim also explained how borrowers and investors working in P2P platform structure and how the relation connected between P2P companies and P2P-related lenders, which can help the new P2P operators a lot in their business.

In addition, PayGate provided additional information about education tax, value-added tax, corporate tax (since 2017), as well as terms and a loans that are not easily accessible for most of people.

PayGate also emphasized the importance of operating system for P2P operator's bond management to protect investors.

After the forum, PayGate held a networking for Q&A sessions among the participants and shared various opinions and contents about P2P lending industry.