Friday, January 25, 2019

PayGate held the seminar of Seyfert personal information protection.

PayGate held the seminar of Seyfert personal information protection.

Presented the management system for business and personal information protection and information security.

PayGate (Soyeong Park, CEO), a Fintech company, held the seminar of "Seyfert personal information protection."

Dongsan Lee, CTO of PayGate, made the presentation relating to business and personal information protection and Seyfert security system in the seminar held in PayGate at 21st.

Seyfert security system is widely used by 80% of domestic P2P lending corporations.

Mr. Lee mentioned the information security relating to Compliance issue. △ISMS △PIMS △ISMS-P(ISMS + PIMS) △PCIDSS △Electronic Financial Supervision Regulations
He emphasized the importance of building a secure network for the management system of business and personal information protection, and instead of using vendor defaults, stored data and transmission information should be protected.

Besides, anti-virus system plays an essential role in preventing virus infiltration. It's necessary to develop and operate the application of information access restrictions and user identification and authentication procedures.

He also mentioned the importance of notification setting procedures for the multiple situations. △Importance of intensive checking for physical security elements △Tracking and surveillance system △Necessity of regular testing for security policies △Emergency
After the seminar, it took almost an hour for conducting the networking between the participants, and they exchanged various opinions about P2P lending market.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

“Enhanced transaction safety.” PayGate provides Seyfert escrow for Soomgo.

“Enhanced transaction safety.”  PayGate provides Seyfert escrow for Soomgo.

PayGate contributes to the trust between sellers and buyers.
No charge for service fee and discount event are now open to celebrate the launch of safe transaction service.

"Soomgo" owned by PayGate, a Fintech company, provides safe transaction service (Seyfert escrow). Soomgo is an open market platform service created from "Brave Mobile." Soomgo is an abbreviation of "secret expert" in Korean. It is a service that owns special technology and talent to match customers and sellers accordingly for those who has difficulty in advertising or PR.

PayGate announced on 11th about the launch of safe transaction service platform, Soomgo.

The service is a transaction protection system that applies PayGate's Seyfert escrow as a neutral third party to mediate transactions between sellers and buyers

Besides, Seyfert is a platform that widely applied into various fields such as settlement, crowdfunding, foreign currency remittance, O2O, and P2P Lending.

Soomgo specializes in preventing financial damage that occurs between a customer (service requester) and a client (service provider) to make the transaction work much safely.

When the customer makes a service request, he will be matched up to five suitable experts (clients) from Soomgo. He can read the reviews and employment records through the expert's profile and contact with the expert through messages or phones to get the consultation easily.

An officer from PayGate said, "After launching the service of Soomgo safe transaction, we are going to utilize it to our Seyfert wallet to enable our customers and clients proceed transactions safely and fast."

In addition, to celebrate the launch of Soomgo service, PayGate will hold the events of free service fee (2.5%) and 25,000 KRW discount for new clients.

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